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This is likely to cost some £1.8 billion, despite us being told that we must cut crucial services elsewhere. But what’s the problem here, you’ve got nothing to hide, right? Even if it’s protected from unauthorised eyes, it’s impossible to say that every ISP would be able to keep information away from all its staff.Secondly, any hacker gaining access to your ISP’s records would know a great deal about you: who you bank with, where you get your clothes, how often you buy pizza, all manner of things.

The bill’s aim is to “provide the police and intelligence agencies with the tools to keep you and your family safe”.

Internet - For general web use, though, things are a bit easier. It was a very visible part of the Conservatives’ election pledge and its inclusion in the party’s first Queen’s Speech means they very much intend to go through with it.

A simple virtual private network (VPN) service will encrypt your information from your computer, right through to the point at which it exits the network. There is one hope, though, and that’s the House of Lords.

What exactly will the Snooper’s Charter allow the government to do?

Your internet service provider (ISP), phone company and tech middlemen, such as Google, Apple and Facebook, will be required to keep a record of sites you visit and people you call for the past year, to be given to police and government agencies as and when required. As expensive as that is, it produces another problem: security. First, it will allow employees at your ISP to see precisely what you look at.

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Sure, you can encrypt the contents of an email, but good luck finding many people prepared to get your public key from you and decrypt your message.

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