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Dating dilemmas marla crowe

(Thanks, Jill, I owe you a plate of Dungeness crabs and a glass of pinot noir.) And Powell’s also asks authors to fill out a Q&A that, charmingly, includes esoteric questions that have nothing to do with the book the author is hustling. I will be reading at the flagship Burnside location (a.k.a. What I especially admire about Schlosser’s and Pollan’s books is their tone.

They’re telling you what’s wrong with the way Americans eat, but they’re not hectoring you or guilt-tripping you; they’re not saying “Bad fat Americans! ” They’re sincere in their desire to enlighten, which is refreshing in a heated climate where, too often, food activists reflexively take adversarial, I’m-smart-you’re-stupid stances.

This subject will become an important one in a few days.

(I’ll explain next Monday.) Sound off on what you think.

coli outbreak that’s caused all that spinach to be recalled.

I guess this is a good argument for the local-foods movement; big processors like Natural Selection Foods LLC are compelled to take such drastic measures because their products are distributed all over the country, under a variety of brand names, and lord knows which batch of spinach was contaminated.

) in addition to heirloom tomatoes and other virtuous, locally produced foods.

Earlier in the game, Burress made a catch downfield but lost control of the ball, fumbling it forward.

After it bounced off of an Eagle or two, the ball squirted into the end zone, where Burress’s fellow wideout Tim Carter fell on it for the touchdown that began the Giants’ comeback.

And on Friday, October 6, at a.m., just hours after my return to New York, I’ll be participating in a chat with Clark Wolf, restaurant consultant and foodie-culture analyst extraordinaire, at New York University–specifically, at the Fales Collection (3rd floor of the Bobst Library on Washington Square South).

My homegirl Marion Nestle says she might be there, too.

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