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My girlfriend's parents loved me so much that they said they could not live without me."If you ever leave us, you will kill our souls," her mom once told me.My father has been unemployed since 2005 when he, along with thousands of other Gazans, could no longer work inside Israel after its withdrawal.He became one of the 80% of all Gazans who depend on social assistance and international aid.Then all at once the limits are gone—the young breeders jump the traces and are set free to have at it.Soon enough, their sexuality will be back in harness—they’ll be married, with children, their primal impulses constrained again by commitment and culture.That day, I understood what living in the Gaza Strip means.Your comment was successfully submitted and will be published in accordance with site policy.

Immediately, I realized the mistake I had committed by allowing such a deep attachment to grow. They want me to marry so they can enjoy being grandparents, but they know that I don’t have a apartment to live in or a stable salary that would allow me, my wife and them to survive on.Every story has its own shocking and surprising details.They need to be told so a wider audience can begin to understand, just a bit more tangibly and personally, what it means to live in the enclave. Sometimes we fall in love with a cousin, a friend or even a student.There is a gender 'surplus' of young single women because so many young men immigrate to the West looking for jobs, because men disproportionately lose their lives in combat, and because men don't have the financial means to get married."You know my daughter will soon be 20, and I still don't know if you're intending to marry her." Her mother started her prepared speech.

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Her words made me cry for hours, because I already knew marrying her daughter would never happen. I was afraid to be realistic and to tell her family that financial difficulties prevented me from marrying their daughter, and I was also scared to promise the girl and her family to wait for me, and for my situation to improve, because I did not want them to wait for years.