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Lara's father is quite important in the mythology of the video game series, and it's clear he'll have quite the substantial role in this film.

Yeah, I’ve been dining off this for a long time, bragging about it to all the other parents for two years. The film is set one year after the 2003 original and finds our finned friends – Nemo, his father Marlin and of course, Dory (voiced by Ellen De Generes) – living peacefully in the reef.

It is the first time the pair have worked together since their days as nemeses on the mean streets of Baltimore, resulting in plenty of playful banter and improvisation in the recording studio.

Elba said all he needed to hear was ‘sea lion, Dory, Dominic West,’ and he was sold, with West agreeing it was a ‘no-brainer’.

(Burton died of a brain hemorrhage at age 58 nine months after the play closed.) Here’s a bit of the real-life couple performing in Private Lives in a Philadelphia tour date: A BBC Drama production for BBC Four with BBC AMERICA as co-producer, Burton and Taylor is written by William Ivory (Made in Dagenham, Going for Gold). Richard Lawson (Effie, Him and Her, Hancock) is the director, with Lachlan Mac Kinnon (Silent Witness, City of Vice) as producer.

It would appear that Dominic West has mellowed somewhat since his days playing blue-collar Baltimore cop Jimmy Mc Nulty in hit HBO drama The Wire.

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“I hadn’t seen Idris for a long time and the idea of us being in a scene together was great because we actually didn’t share too many scenes together in The Wire.