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Through a wonderful initiative called "Face to Face with German Films" which introduced London audiences to Foreign Language Oscar submission reminded me of what being a German woman is about: no nonsense, a great sense of self esteem, a very essential sense of style and behind their good looks, a powerful brain. Normally I don't like to meet people who live the kind of life that the character is living but sometimes I have to do it for technical reasons.

I gush to admit that these four young, beautiful, talented women made me feel happy of my heritage, through and through. I don't like so much psychological work or biographical stuff.

It is known in the film world that all movie stories revolve around seven basic plots.

And that more than a good half of those plots were first penned by William Shakespeare, the original filmmaker extraordinaire of the theater.

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As the granddaughter of a man who translated the Bard's work into German and asked for his ashes to be scattered on Shakespeare's grave in Stratford-upon-Avon, England makes me feel like I'm home. During the recent BFI London Film Festival, I was proud to find a page mentioning my grandfather, Hans Rothe, on their website.