Publix policy on dating coworkers

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And a whopping 31% of office relationships result in marriage—meaning they can’t always be a bad idea, right?

Here’s how to make sure pursuing love won’t cost you your job: Avoid Getting Involved with the Wrong Person According to the Career Builder survey, 24% of intra-office relationships were with someone higher up in the organization.

“You’re creating a climate where people are going to see bias whether there really is bias or not.” Relationships with your peers are generally more acceptable—assuming they’re unhitched.

A stunning 20% of people who told Career Builder that they had dated someone at the office admitted that at least one person in the relationship was married.

Dana Brownlee, president of professional training development company Professionalism Matters, advises against initiating a romance with your manager, or, likewise, with anyone who reports to you directly or indirectly.

Relationships between supervisors and subordinates do create problems, though.“It might be smarter for your career development to consider smaller changes instead of radical shifts,” she says.Maybe there’s an opportunity to switch to a different team or project, or to get some needed experience in a different department.Here’s a look at each of those options, along with their positive and negative aspects: About: New York Employment Law Letter: Excerpted from New York Employment Law Letter.NEW YORK EMPLOYMENT LAW LETTER does not attempt to offer solutions to individual problems but rather to provide information about current developments in New York employment law.

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Consider the Worst-Case Scenario With 7% of respondents to the Career Builder survey saying they had to leave a job after a breakup, you’ll be glad you did some critical thinking before jumping into any new relationship with a colleague.