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A woman can never completely let go and trust a man that does not display confidence. But more important is to have the attitude and the rock-solid BELIEF that you know.

So HOW DO YOU become the kind of sexually confident guy that women fantasize about?

And it's especially true when it comes to sexual relationships. (like: we'll get it on when it FEELS right to me.) I challenge you to find a woman that disagrees with that statement. Passion is the first of the two things that all women find sexually attractive. Well, for starters, you can't go wrong with SEXUAL passion.

Of course this isn't always true, but pretty close.

Is there something that really pushes the hot-button on every girl you'll ever meet? In other words, if you have these qualities, you will be sexually attractive to a woman that usually goes for tattooed guys even if you're a Wall Street guy, or vice-versa.

But is there something that ALL women think is sexy? And these two things are so powerful in the way that they affect women, that if you strongly exhibit these two qualities, it can overcome just about anything else.

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And because the woman in your life has gotten used to you not having this confidence and passion, and she will resist you trying to change... You need the tools to handle all of these factors and really grow into your new identity comfortably and happily.

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