Romance and dating thai style

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Romance and dating thai style

Story : Ogasawara Aki (Satoh Takeru) is a 25 year old Song Writer-Music Director, who makes the songs for the popular band ‘Crude Play’. This is the most beautiful animation I have ever seen. And the slow story, the pain of that waiting in that slowness can make you feel hurt and sad.

He is like a secret member of Crude Play, and does not like to make public appearance. It can make you cry and feel sad in the helplessness of the love of some really young hearts.

They had promised to meet up for a fireworks festival.

But Tanaka Kou had not shown up, and later Futaba had found that he had moved away from Tokyo to Nagasaki.

Yuske is a shy and not-so-popular boy, who has feelings for Yamazaki Kaede but does not have courage to act on his feelings.

Jo Ho takes the task of her friend’s love life up on herself, and starts teaching Kaede the rules of dating in South Korean Style.

And the only work where the younger version actors and older version actors looks similar and feels like they are one and the same person.

But the movie has portrayed the Manga in really good way, and followed the story exactly.

Now, she see this guy who looks similar to her ‘Tanaka Kun’ (Higashide Masahiro). Tanaka-kun who was always so warm, shy and liked to smile is now cynic and slightly dark natured Mabuchi Kou.

But his whole attitude and aura is different from before. (The best part is that, in the end, Yuske and Kaede just ends up together.

But sometimes facing the pain helps more than avoiding it and pretending to be happy.

For you to like this movie, you have to understand the mindset of a person that has gone through a traumatic event, and also understand a depressed person. It’s an English Novel ‘The Memories of a Teenage Amnesiac’ by Gabrielle Zevin.

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If it was some normal ‘seen too many times’ type story, Yuske might have started to fall for Ji Ho and ended up with her.