Updating reliability monitor vista

Posted by / 30-Nov-2017 15:49

Updating reliability monitor vista

We recently rolled out an update to Snag It that is causing issues.

The correlation of failures to the installation events from MSIInstaller are pretty clearly visible.

You could easily adapt the reporting process to use a database as a source in place of the CSV.I am a Power Shell fanatic currently working in Windows client management at Haworth based out of Holland, MI.I tinker around and document my findings at tiberriver256.and you can find me on Twitter @tiberriver256.I use the System Stability Index to spot major drops in stability in the environment and watch it to make sure "fixes" pushed to clients are making a difference.With just three PCs it's hard to tell, but I will show you an example from the dashboard I have built for our environment.

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Ever had to purchase a used computer with Windows already installed and wanted to know if the operating system was stable or not?

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