Who is halle berry currently dating

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Otherwise, the awards that deserving actors like Berry and Mo'Nique have won do little to affect change in an industry that is once more under fire for its lack of diversity.Here's hoping Hollywood and The Academy take Berry's remarks into consideration the next time they head off to vote.Frankie And Alice is currently available on DVD and Digital HD.Halle Berry hit the red carpet at the annual Butterfly Ball in L. Her figure-hugging silver dress was eye-catching enough, but everyone was more shocked to see what is speculated to be a baby bump!There was even a physical altercation between Berry, Aubry and Martinez!

The real win is when we’re not just selling stories of color, that people of color can be in everyday stories.I think maybe it’s time for Halle to take some responsibility, instead of constantly casting herself in this victim mode and implying her commitment to our marriage was without flaw.I have refrained from ongoing attacks on her and she needs to do the same.But I can’t just keep letting these snipes and lies continue in the media without commenting.Halle Berry he is currently dating model Gabriel Aubry.

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Berry hasn’t made an an official announcement and currently, she’s single, so it can’t be confirmed whether or not she’s pregnant.

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